Sports & recreation relief design made of 100kg of steel for the municipality of Taivassalo

We were comissioned to design a sports & recreation relief from 100kg of steel for the municipality of Taivassalo, Finland.

Metal work: Jukka Merta / Selki-Asema

More collaborations

Recycled cotton print carpet collection for Finarte

We designed an architectural 100% recycled cotton print carpet collection for Finarte.

Maailman synty champagne glasses for Ritzenhoff

We designed Maailman synty (Birth of the World) champagne glasses for German glass manufacturer Ritzenhoff (founded in 1904).

Clothing line for Steteco

We designed a clothing collection for Steteco’s Native Cotton brand. Manufactured transparently in Japan.

Blanket and cushion design for Novita

We designed a three part blanket and cushion set for Finland’s largest yarn manufacturer Novita.

Calendars for quality paper manufacturer Putinki

We have designed annual calendars for Finnish quality paper manufacturer Putinki since 2018

Elonkierto wall rug for Suomen Käsityön Ystävät

We were honoured to design a Elonkierto wall rug for legendary 136-year old Suomen Käsityoön Ystävaät (The Friends of Finnish Handicraft).

We designed a 100% recycled cotton carpet Tie (The Road) for Finarte. Suitable for a carpet or a wall rug. ✌️

Auringonnousu (Sunrise) recycled glass wall for Lasilinkki

We designed Auringonnousu (Sunrise) glass wall for Finnish quality glass manufacturer Lasilinkki.

Maailma interior tile collection for Danto

We designed a moist-absorbing interior tile collection for Japanese corporation Danto.

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