Saana ja Olli
Saana ja Olli is a designer couple and an award-winning design company from Turku, Finland.

We produce our own 100% hemp textile collection manufactured transparently and locally in Southwestern Finland.

Saana ja Olli has released several collections, done design work for various international clients and has been involved on various design projects in different continents.

In our works we value rectitude, timelessness and human touch.

We met each other in 2004, at a music festival in the woods of Oripää, Finland. Soon afterwards we started dating and ended up studying textile design together. We realised that the current market was lacking in sustainably produced interior textiles we liked, and proceeded to fill this void with our products.

Saana ja Olli as a company started in the autumn of 2008 as we retreated to a secluded cottage in Padasjoki, Southern Finland. During the week we spent in the forest by the lakes we drew our first print design. After receiving such positive feedback we decided to continue designing together. Since graduation in 2011 we have concentrated full time on Saana ja Olli.

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Awards and nominations
2016 Ornamo Designer of the Year [Nomination] (The Finnish Association of Designers, Finland)
2016 Design From Finland - Designer of the Year (Suomalaisen Työn Liitto)
2014 Top 25 Best Global Homeware Brand #11 (Monocle magazine)
2014 Best Interior Product of the Year [Nomination] (Muotogaala, Finland)
2014 12 Best Finnish interior design products of 2014 (Finnish Interior Journalist Association)
2013 Ympäristöteko 2013 -Honorary Award (Valonia, Finland)
2012 Best Textile Product of the Year (Muotogaala, Finland)
2009 Young Entrepreneur of the Year (Junior Achievement Finland)

Novita (Finland)
Torinopro (Japan)
Danto (Japan)
Isetan (Japan)
Amnesty International
Hej hylje! (Finland)
The Neighbourhood Weeks (Finland)
Ta Daa (France)
Boråstapeter (Sweden)
Turku Penitentiary (Finland)

2016 Nordic Now, Dublin, Ireland
2016 Cabinets of Wisdom for Finlandia Vodka, Sofia, Bulgaria
2016 Formex, Stockholm, Sweden
2016 Design March, Reykjavik, Iceland
2015 We Live Here, Stockholm Design Week, Sweden
2014 Isetan Nordic Fair, Tokyo, Japan
2014 Lähimuoto, Helsinki Design Week, Finland
2014 Museumsuferfest, Frankfurt, Germany
2013 Kultturikeittiö Helsinki Bar, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013 Habitare, Helsinki, Finland
2013 Nowhere Finland, Madrid, Spain
2012 Doing Good, Helsinki, Finland
2012 Hirameki Himmeli, Tokyo, Japan
2012 Tapahtunut tähän mennessä, Lapua, Finland
2012 The Nordic Fashion Show exhibition, Lagos, Nigeria
2012 Arjen aarteita, Helsinki, Finland
2012 1-2-3 Helsinki! Paris, France
2012 Iam Host, Lahti, Finland
2012 What the Helsinki! Brussels, Belgium
2012 NowHere Finland, Jyväskylä, Finland
2011 ISETAN x Hirameki, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Hirameki Design x Finland, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Kirameki Satellite exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
2010 Kierrätetty! Tampere, Finland
2010 NowHere Finland, Seinäjoki, Finland
2009 Mielen kuvitus, Uusikaupunki, Finland
2009 Haaveet, Turku, Finland