Saana ja Olli
Saana ja Olli likes to design stuff! We are always interested in new collaborations. Get in touch: (or here). Please scroll down and see projects we have done. ▼

Maailman synty champagne glasses for Ritzenhoff

We designed Maailman synty (Birth of the World) champagne glasses for German glass manufacturer Ritzenhoff (founded in 1904).



Cabinets of Wisdom for Finlandia Vodka


We designed our own interpretation of cabinet of curiosities for Finlandia Vodka in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Visual identity for Food & Fun International food festival

We designed the visual identity, merchandise pattern and photography styling for Food & Fun International food festival.

Saana ja Olli Tomi Leppänen Unto Rautio Food & Fun Turku 2016

Saana ja Olli Tomi Leppänen Unto Rautio Food & Fun Turku 2016

Saana ja Olli Tomi Leppänen Unto Rautio Food & Fun Turku 2016

Photography: Unto Rautio

Recycled cotton print carpet collection for Finarte

We designed an architectural recycled cotton print carpet collection for Finarte

Saana ja Olli Aitta Finarte Suvi Kesäläinen Finnish Design Recycled print carpet

Saana ja Olli Kievari Finarte Suvi Kesäläinen Finnish Design Recycled print carpet

Saana ja Olli Piilopirtti Finarte Suvi Kesäläinen Finnish Design Recycled print carpet

Saana ja Olli Kievari Finarte Suvi Kesäläinen Finnish Design Recycled print carpet

Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen
Location: Uusikaupunki museum, Uusikaupunki, Finland

Elonkierto wall rug for Suomen Käsityön Ystävät

We were honoured to design a Elonkierto wall rug for legendary 136-year old Suomen Käsityön Ystävät (The Friends of Finnish Handicraft). 
Saana ja Olli Elonkierto wall rug 3 300dpi

Saana ja Olli Elonkierto ryijy wall rug Nordic style Finnish design made in Finland Suomen käsityön ystävät Suvi Kesäläinen

Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen 
Assistants: Milja ja Eija
Location: Sanni & Joona's home. Turku, Finland

Koko iäksi -carpet design for Mum's

We designed Koko iäksi (lit.:For the whole life) carpet for Finnish company Mum's. The idea was to design a carpet that would accompany it's owner in all changing situations and environments in life. The production takes place at the Bhadoh area of India and is simply fair: the weaver receives 50% of the wholesale price of every carpet and other 50% goes to running the waving co-op.

Saana ja Olli Koko iäksi Mums Nordic design Carpet Matto

Saana ja Olli Koko iäksi Mums Nordic design Carpet Matto

Saana ja Olli Koko iäksi Mums Nordic design Carpet Matto

Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen
Model: Milla
Location: Wäinö Aaltonen Art Museum, Turku, Finland

Blanket and cushion design for Novita

We designed a three part blanket and cushion set for Finland's largest yarn manufacturer Novita. The products were designed to be knitted with 50% recycled cotton/50% acrylic Hanko yarn.


Saanajaolli_lopullinen_10 2

Saanajaolli_lopullinen_13 2

Photos: Suvi Kesäläinen
Model: Anna
Knitters: Tarja Rajala & Sirpa Sipilä
Location: Rauhankatu, Turku, Finland

Mori collection for Torinopro, Japan

Saana designed Mori collection with Klaus Aalto and Anna Salonen for Japanese Torinopro. All the Mori products are made in Tottori, Japan.




Mori pictures.: Aino Huhtaniemi

Maailma interior tile collection for Danto

We designed an interior tile collection for Japanese tile manufacturer Danto Co. Ltd. The series comprises of a pattern applied over six 30 cm x 30 cm tiles in two surface options of the Japanese made Sarafine tile and comes in three color combinations.

Saana ja Olli for Danto

Tinbox graphics for Lipton's Rainforest Alliance certified tea

We designed a tinbox graphics for Lipton's Rainforest Alliance certified tea. Lipton is the world's largest tea buyer and all their teas will be 100% Rainforest Alliance certified by 2015.
[ More info: Rainforest Alliance Wikipedia ]

Liptonboksi fiksattu 100dpi 

Metsässä/Telttailemassa chair print design for Isetan

We drew Metsässä/Telttailemassa chair print designs for Japan's largest department store Isetan's and Hirameki Design x Finland's collaborative Love Chair Collection. The chairs were manufactured in Salo, Finland by Piiroinen.

Saana ja Olli Isetan

Äiti collection for Amnesty

We designed Äiti (mother in Finnish) print for Amnesty to honour mothers who fight to end human right violations. All products are ethically manufactured from Fairtrade organic cotton.




Hej hylje! project for Archipelago Sea conservation

We designed and painted a seal statue for the Hej Hylje! charity project. Our seal was featured at Turku railway station and later sold in auction. The Hej hylje! project collected 27 400 € for Centrum Balticum to Archipelago Sea conservation.

Saana ja Olli HejHylje! logo

Saana ja Olli HejHylje! 2

Saana ja Olli HejHylje! 3

Hej Hylje! graphic design: Pauliina Vesterinen | Seal picture: Appu Jasu ja Joel Savolainen. Big thanks to our trainee Dora and her friend Olliveikko on helping us on this project.

Screen print workshop for The Neighbourhood Weeks

Our hometown Turku was the European Capital of Culture in 2011. 

The Neighbourhood Weeks project highlighted Pohjola, our neighbourhood in June and we held a free outdoor screen printing workshop for neighbours, local residents and tourists, with prints especially designed for the happening. 

Kaupunginosaviikot 1

Kaupunginosaviikot 2

Kaupunginosaviikot 3

Kaupunginosaviikot 4

Kaupunginosaviikot 5
Pictures: Dora Lehtinen


Upcycled children's clothing line for Ta Daa 

We designed upcycled children's clothing line for the French company Ta Daa.

The material for the collection is sourced in collaboration with Le Relais, a charitable recycling organization that collects used clothes from all over France. Le Relais is a member of Emmaus, and was chosen as the Social Enterprise of the Year in 2009.




Pictures: Norman Hangers and Ta Daa

Wallpaper design for Boråstapeter

Olli designed this record shelf wallpaper for Eco Wallpaper, a modernist division of Scandinavia's biggest wallpaper company Boråstapeter. The wallpaper features Olli's record collection from noise rock of Erase Errata to lounge music of Horst Jankowski. The wallpaper is digitally printed to reduce material waste during production.




Record shelf tapestry featured in dramedy serie Lilyhammer starring Steven Van Zandt of The E Street Band / The Sopranos / Little Steven's Underground Garage fame. ▼


Church textiles for a prison chapel in Turku

Saana designed church textiles for the new Turku penitentiary in 2009. The idea was to provide an escape from everyday life in prison, and to achieve an open and calming atmosphere. 

Saramaki 1 

Saramaki 2 

Saramaki 3