Saana ja Olli

We like to keep things transparent and local.

In Southwestern Finland, where we live, we are glad to have first grade textile professionals. Our printing takes place in Aitoo ( population: 403 ) and sewing in Keikyä ( population: 2862 ). Parts of these processes are also carried out in our hometown Turku.

We promise to produce locally and we take this right down to the smallest detail: our labels and tags, cushion and pot holder fillings, strings, and printing materials are produced in Finland.

Because we use local professionals we can be certain that their work is carried out in high quality and that the employees have a safe and enjoyable working environment and receive a proper wage with benefits.

The closest countries to Finland who produce high quality hemp fabrics are Hungary and Romania. Our European hemp fabrics are sustainably made: the plants are grown without herbicides or pesticides using natural crop rotation techniques. Hemp grows naturally with little water and improves soil quality. In order to minimize carbon emissions our fabrics are transported from the factory to our home town Turku by land.

Saana ja Olli has the right to use The Key Flag Symbol as granted by The Association for Finnish Work.