Saana ja Olli collections are made from durable European 100% hemp fabric and manufactured transparently in southwestern Finland.

Kaukana kotoa – Far Away

Life is a patchwork map of our memories. In Kaukana kotoa (Far Away) collection we painted memories and moments that combined build up human existence.

Sea of Love – Rakkauden meri

Rakkauden meri (Sea of Love) pattern got it’s inspiration from love. Love is unpredictable and ever-changing like the waves of the sea, cosmic coincidence that makes life worth living. 

Yötön yö – Nightless Night

In Yötön yö (Nightless Night) summer collection we designed products that combine natural beauty of 100% hemp fabric and bring sustainable luxury to everyday life. Products are excellent for spontaneous summer adventures and all-year round moments of leisure.

Summer hat collection

We designed our dream summer hats.

Päivin ja öin – Day and Night

In Päivin ja öin (lit. Day and Night) collection we wanted to celebrate everyday life. We designed a collection of usable, timeless products that elevate your daily life with their warmness and softness.

Mielenmaisemia – Mindscapes

With Mielenmaisemia (lit. Mindscapes) we wanted to celebrate beauty, memories and imagination. To find meaningful existance you don’t have to travel far.

Unien talo – House of Dreaming

Unien talo (lit. House of Dreaming) pattern was inspired by our renovation project of 104-year old log house and our dreams of architecture.

Onnenmaa – Arcadia

In Onnenmaa (lit. Arcadia) pattern we concentrated on brush painting and free association to build a dream-like temporarily safe space from the daunting world situation.

Ikiaika – The Eternal

In Ikiaika (lit. The Eternal) collection we wanted to channel the aesthetics of prehistoric Finnish cave paintings and artefacts into a modern and interesting hand-drawn print fabric.

Seitsemän palaa – Seven Pieces

For Seitsemän palaa (lit. Seven pieces) print we drew large amount of patterns that we constructed into caleidoscopic form according to shapes of ancient tangram transformation puzzle game.

Maailman synty – The Birth of the World

Maailman synty (lit. The Birth of the World) print is inspired by the age old Finnish creation myths and the rich Finnish wall rug tradition.

Villi Pohjola – The Wild Northland

Villi Pohjola collection (lit. The Wild Northland) is inspired by days spent in a summer house in the Finnish archipelago. The closeness of the sea and small dreamy seaside towns influenced the hand drawn print.

Myrskyn jälkeen – After the Storm

Myrskyn jälkeen (lit. After the Storm) pattern combines hand-drawn chaotic nature elements with square grid structure. It is inspired by the aesthetics the old school teaching boards.

Yö metsässä – A Night in the Forest

Yö metsässä -pattern (lit. A Night in the Forest) tells a story about life in the forest. It tells about communication between people and their surroundings, based on love, mutual aid and respect. The inspiration stems from traditional Finnish lifestyle blended with magical elements, an old weird Finland that never existed.

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